Name: Glenda Mattinson

Services - Communication & Conflict Resolution:
  • One-on-one support for individuals in learning and integrating NVC into your personal and professional life
  • Group trainings to help you learn the 5 essential skills of connecting
  • Couples - support to find more fun, satisfying and do-able ways of communicating
  • Teams - support to identify unsatisfying patterns of interaction, and to change them in ways that you choose
Services - Decision Making:
  • Glenda has found that when groups (including couples and families) consciously choose how particular types of decisions are made and who is included, conflict levels drop dramatically. She helps groups of all sizes learn effective group decision-making processes.
  • Sometimes it's hard to decide, even when we are making decisions by ourselves. Glenda teaches a simple process of decision-making that integrates thinking and feeling. People report that they feel more satisfied - and stay more satisfied - with decisions made this way.
Services - Conflict Resolution:
  • Often conflicts continue to fester because we don't have agreed-upon ways to address them. Glenda offers a variety of approaches that groups can use to turn the fuel of conflict into more satisfying relationships, and, in the case of businesses, more satisfying business results.
  • 15 years as a project manager in the computer industry
  • 10 years as a certified Life Coach
  • 7 years as an NVC Trainer; 4 years as a Certified NVC Trainer with the international Center for Nonviolent Communication
  • Masters in Organizational Psychology
  • Glenda has a passion for supporting development of "new way" organizations - those that operate both effectively and with care for their clients, their members, and others. She has been part of multiple "new way" organizations over more than 20 years - as participant, leader and consultant - including supporting NVC groups in various parts of the world to operate both effectively and in alignment with NVC.
  • For information about individual coaching sessions or to book a session, email
  • To find out about courses or to register, see - the Workshops page lists all the different courses being offered, the Schedule page shows upcoming courses by date.

Name: Henry Wai

  • Training, facilitation and consultancy tailored to organisations and groups
  • Introductory, Foundation and Deepening Workshops in Nonviolent Communication
  • Coaching for achieving professional and personal development
  • Henry Wai focuses on helping people to work effectively, compassionately and with vitality. He has 21 years of experience leading trainings, developing programs and delivering direct service in areas such as employment counselling, volunteer management, non-profit housing, adult education and social enterprise.
  • Henry’s experience includes working with individuals, teams and boards from diverse cultures and backgrounds. Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is a very powerful addition to his approach which emphasizes self-awareness, choice, relational skills and ways to build co-operation in both work and personal settings.
  • Since 2001, Henry has enjoyed deepening his practice and ability to train and support others using the NVC process. He has led public introductions, workshops, five day residential retreats and practice groups in England, Canada and the U.S.A. Henry Wai is a Certified Trainer with the global Center for Nonviolent Communication. He collaborates with others from this network in projects, trainings and the development of NVC locally and internationally.


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